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Spring Seminar Programme 2017

All seminars will be held in the Lecture Theatre at 11.30am on Tuesdays unless stated otherwise. To book your place, please email

Due to occasional last minute changes, please check before travelling to MRC Harwell that the planned speaker is still due to give a talk on said date.  Any external visitors need to contact the speaker’s host or Debbie Ashworth on 01235 841009.


17th January                                Dr Adrian Isaacs, University College London                   

Host: Pat Nolan                            “Disease mechanisms in frontotemporal dementia and amyotrophic
                                                               lateral sclerosis caused by C9orf72 repeat expansions'”         


24th January                               Ms Tess Harris, Ciliopathy Alliance

Host: Dominic Norris                   “Is Patient Engagement the Next Blockbuster Drug?' 


21st February                           Dr David McEwan, University of Dundee

Host: Roger Cox                         “Understanding the role and regulation of autophagy in health and disease”


28th February                            Professor Mary Herbert, University of Newcastle

Host: Andy Greenfield                “Maternal inheritance – a tale of two genomes”


7th March                                  Dr Marcela Votruba, University of Cardiff

Host: Paul Potter                        “OPA1 gene and mitochondrial optic neuropathy: disease mechanisms
                                                            and insights into potential therapies”                           


14th March                                Dr J Douglas Armstrong, University of Edinburgh​    

Host: Pat Nolan                          “Reconstructing an integrated synaptic proteome”                    


21st March                                Professor Clare Lloyd, Imperial College London ** please note this has been postponed till Autumn **

Host: Steve Brown                     “Living on the edge – regulation of lung immunity by the pulmonary epithelium”​


28th March                               Dr Pleasantine Mill, University of Edinburgh 

Host: Dominic Norris                 “Cilia and macromolecular machineries – some assembly required”


4th April                                    Professor Marcelo Rivolta, University of Sheffield

Host: Mike Bowl                        “Stem cells, cochlear implants and the repair of the damage inner ear”