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Archiving & distribution - The Biological Resources Group (BRG)

The BRG specialises in cryopreservation technology and its application in the field of mouse genetics and is a founding member of the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA: We seek to support the scientific community with our expertise in the production of SPF mice from contaminated lines, germ-free mice, custom allele conversion, the use of our ENU DNA archive and hands on training in cryopreservationYou can find further information on our services by following the links below or contact us for details

Services Offered:

We maintain a non-profit mouse archive that is built on the work of researchers from across the scientific community who have sent their lines for cryopreservation and distribution.  In addition to this, we have been able archive lines from a number of large scale projects used to generate mutant mouse models of human disease.  These have included the EUCOMM, EUMODIC and IMPC programmes, along with the Harwell ENU mutagenesis and ageing projects

Our archive aims to collate a wealth of useful mouse mutants that will be publicly available and accessible to the whole scientific community. Together with the scientists who deposit at our archive, we are looking to establish a cooperative future in mouse research that will benefit the scientists, funders and ultimately society as a whole through a better understanding of human disease.