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Recovering Mouse Strains

Our facility has a dedicated quarantine unit that is capable of rederiving SPF mice from stocks that are contaminated with infectious microorganisms. 

Our import team is highly experienced in dealing with the necessary paperwork to enable a stock to be imported from countries’ throughout the world.  Material can be imported as live mice, epididymides, unfrozen embryos or cryopreserved material. 

Following rederivation mice are held in dedicated isolators.  These are thoroughly cleaned, broken down and sterilized before being rebuilt and restocked.  Isolators are screened twice following FELASA recommendations before a stock is considered SPF and released to the client.  

Our export team will then work with you to ensure the mice are promptly shipped to your facility. 

The cost is €3200 + shipping per stock and  we aim to supply mice within 4 months of completing the required paperwork.

If embryos are provided, embryo transfers can be performed at a cost of €1600 per transfer. Specific requirements maybe subject to availability, and may incur further costs.


We offer a range of additional downstream services including custom allele conversions, cohort breeding, phenotyping, MEF production and tissue collection.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information on how we can help your research programme.