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Mouse husbandry

Our animal husbandry services collaborate and actively participate in all mouse research. According to the needs of specific projects, we offer services ranging from essential husbandry to the development of major new work, including recommendations for scientific, breeding and welfare strategies, help with Home Office licensing and the introduction of new protocols.

Teams of trained technical staff provide the essential husbandry/breeding resource central to running effective mouse research programmes. To receive advice or request one of our animal husbandry services, please contact us.

Husbandry Services

 Our services include:

  • Housing mice colonies in IVCs
  • Sentinel health screen program assures cleanliness of stock in accordance with guidelines
  • Supply of genetically controlled wild type mice
  • Custom wild type crosses
  • Breeding of genetically altered and specialist stock, including complex genetic crosses
  • Production of age matched cohorts for in-vivo phenotyping, tissue collection or export
  • Biopsy service
  • Other tissue/samples (blood, urine and tissue)

These services are delivered by a team with expertise and experience in the fields of mouse genetics, mutagenesis, phenotyping, pathology, cryopreservation and transgenesis. 

Mouse welfare

Mice housed within the Mary Lyon Centre are cared for by a dedicated and highly trained team of staff, who have the welfare of the animals as their highest priority 365 days a year. Please see our mouse welfare page for more information.