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We offer a wide range of phenotyping tests for the scientific community to identify specific traits in genetically altered mouse lines. These are split into five broad categories:

Please contact us for more information or to request one of these services.

MRC Harwell is part of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC), which aims to create a comprehensive catalogue of gene function. Over the years, the IMPC has developed and refined an extensive range of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for this large-scale initiative, which are freely available to view on IMPReSS. These standardised screens cover a wide range of possible mouse phenotypes and are provided to the wider scientific community as a collection of mouse phenotyping services. Our staff are therefore highly experienced in carrying out these tests, which have undergone years of rigorous refinement to produce the set of screens we offer today.

Please note that our phenotyping services undergo a continual process of development, and therefore the examples shown on these pages do not always cover the full spread of  services we can offer. If you are interested in phenotyping tests not listed on our pages, please contact us to discuss whether we would be able to provide the service you require.