Visting MLC – COVID-19 Guidelines

Site information for visitors to the MRC Harwell Institute, Mary Lyon Centre, from June 2020

Please follow Government guidelines on social distancing, hand-washing and COVID-19 measures at all times while at MRC Harwell.

Do not enter if you are feeling unwell or are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.

If you begin to feel unwell while working on site, please contact your host.


If wearing gloves and a disposable face mask/covering on entering the building, please remove these and dispose of them in the clinical waste bin provided in Reception.  We ask you bring a plastic bag to store worn reusable cloth face coverings, so you can take them away when you leave site. 

On arrival, visitors should wash their hands in the toilet cubicle or wash hands with 70% alcohol gel in the Reception area, before entering the rest of the building.  

You will be supplied with a face mask to enter the MLC changing area that MUST be changed when you step over the changing room barrier to the air shower area.


After discussion with your host you will be required to wear the following type of PPE:

  • Type II surgeons mask and gloves for general use
  • Type IIR surgeons mask and gloves if social distancing and additional controls are not possible
  • Versiflo air hood if you have a beard
  • FFP2 or 3 masks are required for allergen protection depending on the risk assessment for the work being carried out

If you need to work somewhere that is occupied and cannot keep 2m distance, please contact your host who will make the necessary arrangements for you.


If you need to enter 383 your host will take you through and explain the processes in place within this area.

We have no available refreshments on site.  Our vending machines and canteen are closed. 

If you need First Aid, let staff know if you think it could be COVID-19 or is something else.


If you think you have contracted COVID-19 and have been working on site within the previous 72 hours, please contact us to discuss any areas where you have worked and anyone you could have had close contact with.

Thank you for your cooperation, MRC Harwell Institute