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The MRC Centre for Macaques supports a wide range of projects funded by the research councils, charities and the NC3Rs. Many of these are into fundamental studies of brain function, quite a number have clinical applications and we also support studies designed to improve the welfare of our animals. Some of the types of programmes supported include:

What makes us human? Unique brain area linked to higher cognitive powers 

How brain signals control movement
The films feature neuroscientist Dr Andrew Jackson, who uses macaques to study how brain signals control movement. He aims to help paralysed people control external devices, such as robotic arms or wheelchairs, with their thoughts.

Parkinson’s disease and movement (p24)

Brain and spinal cord control of movement

MRC Centre for Macaques is involved with a number of projects to identify ways to improve animal well-being:

Monitoring primate welfare

Laboratory macaques: when to wean?

NC3Rs-funded projects involving the Centre for Macaques:

Professor Melissa Bateson, Newcastle University Assessing cumulative severity in macaques used in neuroscience research

Dr Emily Bethell, Liverpool John Moores University Attention bias: A novel method to assess psychological well-being in group-housed non-human primates

Dr Andrew Jackson, Newcastle University: A fully automated system for positive reinforcement training of group-housed non-human primates

Dr Sarah-Jane Vick, University of Stirling Quantifying the behavioural and facial correlates of pain in laboratory macaques

Professor Melissa Bateson, Newcastle University: Refining weaning age in macaques destined for neuroscience research

Dr Steven Kennerley, University College London: Refining training of non-human primates using automated home room training systems

Policy for use of animals in research:

Review of Research Using Non-Human Primates chaired by Patrick Bateson (PDF, 1.49MB)

Weatherall report on: The use of non-human primates in research (PDF, 1.77MB)

The MRC guidance concerning the use of animals in research

Use of animals in MRC funded research

Non-human primate accommodation, care and use