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Start Date: Monday, March 2, 2020

DNA to Disease: The Essentials of Genetics


What is a gene? What is DNA? How do these make proteins? What goes wrong and causes disease in the human body? This seminar and workshop-based training course is tailored for those who are new to genetics, or who work alongside biologists.


The outcomes of this course are: 

  • To understand the concept of DNA and how traits are inherited from one generation to the next
  • To understand what genes are and how they code for different proteins
  • To understand the role of different proteins in making different cell types

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To request further information and to book a space on this course, please email Dona Reddiar at


02 March 2020 09:30-16:00


• Lunch and refreshments will be provided, please inform us of any dietary requirements well in advance

• Please wear suitable closed toe footwear and bring any prescription safety glasses if required

• As part of this training course, the MRC wish to offer a tour of our Animal facility. Tours will take place after the course finishes at 16:00 and take approximately one hour.

• Barrier restrictions apply to certain areas in case of contact with rodents within preceding 48 hour period.

• Allergies to rodents or latex may limit participation in the tour of facilities and / or the practical components of this course.