The Basics of Histology

This course introduces a range of histological procedures, the reasons behind histology in research and the importance of using different techniques in processing, sectioning and staining mouse tissues.

CRISPR Design and Electroporation

*Dates for Spring 2021 are being finalised* Design your own CRISPR course! We will provide a background to CRISPR genome-editing technology and its applications in scientific research. You can then decide either to have practical CRISPR-Cas9 training in embryo electroporation, or an in-depth tutorial on planning and designing CRISPR-Cas9 experiments. Following the course, you will […]

1 and 2-Cell Cytoplasmic Microinjection

This course will provide 1-to-1 tailored training in embryo harvesting, sorting, set up and operation of microinjection rigs and introducing CRISPR-Cas9 reagents to embryos using the cytoplasmic microinjection technique.

Conditional Transgenics

*Dates for Spring 2021 are being finalised* After the course you will know: The basic principles of conditional mutagenesis The advantages and challenges of these systems How to plan for restricting the expression of a transgene How to analyse recombinase (Cre) expression Recommended level of previous knowledge required for this course: Advanced Mouse Genetics