The Biocomputing group develops and utilises computational methods to explore the large volumes of data generated by projects, both at the MRC Harwell Institute and internationally, the results are then disseminated to the wider scientific community.

To ensure our data is accurate and informative, we have multiple groups involved in data capture, management, curation, visualisation and analysis:


We have developed and continue to maintain a bespoke Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), AnonyMus, to effectively handle the large quantities of husbandry and phenotyping data being produced at MRC Harwell.

IMPC Data Coordination Centre (DCC)

The DCC is responsible for collection, annotation, validation and quality control of data from all centres involved in the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) prior to statistical analysis and presentation on the IMPC portal.

Computational Biology

The Computational Biology group analyse data from the Harwell Ageing Screen using a variety of computational approaches, including next generation sequencing (NGS) and molecular modelling techniques, working alongside research programmes to uncover key findings in their data.

Bioimage Informatics

The Systems Imaging group analyses data from 2D and 3D images generated by a broad range of internal and external projects, covering mouse phenotyping and developmental biology. The group uses imaging techniques such as tracking, segmentation, registration, and shape analysis.

Biocomputing Students, Post Docs and Alumni