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Title Authors Journal Year of Publication DOI Pubmed ID
An N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU)-induced Tyr265Stop mutation of the DNA polymerase accessory subunit gamma 2 (Polg2) is associated with renal calcification in mice C.M. Gorvin; B.N. Ahmad; M.J. Stechman; N.Y. Loh; T.A. Hough; P. Leo; M. Marshall; S. Sethi; L. Bentley; S.E. Piret; A. Reed; J. Jeyabalan; P.T. Christie; S. Wells; M.M. Simon; A.M. Mallon; H. Schulz; N. Huebner; M.A. Brown; R.D. Cox; S.D. Brown; R.V. Thakker J Bone Miner Res 2019 10.1002/jbmr.3624
Mice With a Brd4 Mutation Represent a New Model of Nephrocalcinosis C.M. Gorvin; N.Y. Loh; M.J. Stechman; S. Falcone; F.M. Hannan; B.N. Ahmad; S.E. Piret; A.A. Reed; J. Jeyabalan; P. Leo; M. Marshall; S. Sethi; P. Bass; I. Roberts; J. Sanderson; S. Wells; T.A. Hough; L. Bentley; P.T. Christie; M.M. Simon; A.M. Mallon; H. Schulz; R.D. Cox; M.A. Brown; N. Huebner; S.D. Brown; R.V. Thakker J Bone Miner Res 2019 10.1002/jbmr.3695
Abcc5 Knockout Mice Have Lower Fat Mass and Increased Levels of Circulating GLP-1 M. Cyranka; A. Veprik; E.J. McKay; N. van Loon; A. Thijsse; L. Cotter; N. Hare; A. Saibudeen; S. Lingam; E. Pires; P. Larraufie; F. Reimann; F. Gribble; M. Stewart; E. Bentley; P. Lear; J. McCullagh; J. Cantley; R.D. Cox; H. de Wet Obesity (Silver Spring) 2019 10.1002/oby.22521
NNT is a key regulator of adrenal redox homeostasis and steroidogenesis in male mice E. Meimaridou; M. Goldsworthy; V. Chortis; E. Fragouli; P.A. Foster; W. Arlt; R. Cox; L.A. Metherell J Endocrinol 2018 10.1530/joe-16-0638


FTO demethylase activity is essential for normal bone growth and bone mineralization in mice G. Sachse; C. Church; M. Stewart; H. Cater; L. Teboul; R.D. Cox; F.M. Ashcroft Biochim Biophys Acta 2018 10.1016/j.bbadis.2017.11.027


Regulatory variants at KLF14 influence type 2 diabetes risk via a female-specific effect on adipocyte size and body composition K.S. Small; M. Todorcevic; M. Civelek; J.S.ElSaye Moustafa; X. Wang; M.M. Simon; J. Fernandez-Tajes; A. Mahajan; M. Horikoshi; A. Hugill; C.A. Glastonbury; L. Quaye; M.J. Neville; S. Sethi; M. Yon; C. Pan; N. Che; A. Vinuela; P.C. Tsai; A. Nag; A. Buil; G. Thorleifsson; A. Raghavan; Q. Ding; A.P. Morris; J.T. Bell; U. Thorsteinsdottir; K. Stefansson; M. Laakso; I. Dahlman; P. Arner; A.L. Gloyn; K. Musunuru; A.J. Lusis; R.D. Cox; F. Karpe; M.I. McCarthy Nat Genet 2018 10.1038/s41588-018-0088-x


Type 2 diabetes risk alleles in PAM impact insulin release from human pancreatic beta-cells S.K. Thomsen; A. Raimondo; B. Hastoy; S. Sengupta; X.Q. Dai; A. Bautista; J. Censin; A.J. Payne; M.M. Umapathysivam; A.F. Spigelman; A. Barrett; C.J. Groves; N.L. Beer; J.E.Manning Fox; M.I. McCarthy; A. Clark; A. Mahajan; P. Rorsman; P.E. MacDonald; A.L. Gloyn Nat Genet 2018 10.1038/s41588-018-0173-1


Molecular reductions in glucokinase activity increase counter-regulatory responses to hypoglycemia in mice and humans with diabetes A.J. Chakera; P.S. Hurst; G. Spyer; E.O. Ogunnowo-Bada; W.J. Marsh; C.H. Riches; C.Y. Yueh; S.P. Markkula; J.W. Dalley; R.D. Cox; I.A. Macdonald; S.A. Amiel; K.M. MacLeod; L.K. Heisler; A.T. Hattersley; M.L. Evans Mol Metab 2018 10.1016/j.molmet.2018.08.001


Bone matrix development in steroid-induced osteoporosis is associated with a consistently reduced fibrillar stiffness linked to altered bone mineral quality L. Xi; P. De Falco; E. Barbieri; A. Karunaratne; L. Bentley; C.T. Esapa; N.J. Terrill; S.D.M. Brown; R.D. Cox; G.R. Davis; N.M. Pugno; R.V. Thakker; H.S. Gupta Acta Biomater 2018 10.1016/j.actbio.2018.05.053


A Wars2 Mutant Mouse Model Displays OXPHOS Deficiencies and Activation of Tissue-Specific Stress Response Pathways T. Agnew; M. Goldsworthy; C. Aguilar; A. Morgan; M. Simon; H. Hilton; C. Esapa; Y. Wu; H. Cater; L. Bentley; C. Scudamore; J. Poulton; K.J. Morten; K. Thompson; L. He; S.D.M. Brown; R.W. Taylor; M.R. Bowl; R.D. Cox Cell Rep 2018 10.1016/j.celrep.2018.11.080