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Training Spotlight – Michelle Stewart

Michelle (Shell) Stewart has been working at the MRC Harwell Institute for 14 years and has been running the courses in the Genetics training...

October Technical training week

This Autumn, MRC Harwell is running a Technical Training week from 15–19th October.

MRC Harwell Annual Animal Research Statistics

Today, the Home Office have published the Annual Animal Research Statistics for 2017. This details the numbers of animals used by different...

GEMM Call opening

This is a call for nominations to the MRC-funded Genome Editing Mice for Medicine (GEMM) programme to introduce point mutations and deletions...

Chris Holmes appointed to lead research in health at The Alan Turing Institute in partnership with Health Data Research UK

Professor Chris Holmes, a programme leader at MRC Harwell, has been appointed to lead a programme of research in health at The Alan Turing...

Gene that contributes to female body shape may increase risk of type 2 diabetes by altering the development of fat cells

Scientists have identified a gene that in women is linked to the creation and location of new fat cells and therefore is thought to...

MRC Harwell Festival Open Day – It's all in your genes

Saturday 16th June 12–4pm

Research spotlight – Dr Thomas Cunningham

Appointed in September 2017 as Senior Investigator Scientist at MRC Harwell, Tom runs the Mouse Models of Neurodegeneration (MMoN) research...

The Journey from Genes to Disease – a symposium for postdocs by postdocs

20 April 2018, Medical Science Training Centre, University of Oxford, UK