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Working towards an economic and secure approach to protecting mouse genetics for the future

Our mouse archive exists to support the work of scientists worldwide through the archiving and distribution of mouse lines, we currently hold >2,800 mouse strains.

The archive was founded in the early 1970s and was established to safeguard unique genetic material from mice, and make it readily available to the scientific community for the purpose of academic research.

We are able to offer the scientific community a ‘free’ archiving service for all material accepted by the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA), although you will be asked to pay the cost of shipping your material to our facility.

A two year grace period is available to depositors who wish to safeguard their mice but have yet to publish their data. During this period the mice will be archived for ‘free’ but they will not be made available to the community.

Submit your line 

If you would like to submit your line for archiving please use the online mouse strain submission form:


Frequently asked archiving questions and protocol information: