Archiving and Distribution

Our frozen embryo and sperm archive can freeze your mouse strains for free

Our services include:

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Our aim is to promote a cooperative future in mouse genetics research. The frozen embryo and sperm archive (FESA) was established to safeguard germplasm collected  from unique mouse strains, and make it readily available to the scientific community. MRC Harwell also acts as the UK node for the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) operated by the INFRAFRONTIER research infrastructure. MRC Harwell is a long term partner of this Europe-wide consortium.

The archive holds strains from individual researchers, and a number of large scale projects funded by the MRC which were designed to generate mutant mouse models of human disease. These include the GEMM call, EUCOMM, EUMODIC and IMPC programmes, along with the Harwell ENU mutagenesis programme.

FESA is able to offer a ‘free’ archiving service to all users providing the mouse strains are made available to community, without restriction. The MRC expects all award holders to deposit their mice in the FESA archive. A two year grace period is available to depositors who wish to safeguard their mice but have yet to publish their data. During this period the mice will be archived for ‘free’ but they will not be made available to the community.

How to search our archive 

The catalogue of mouse strains held in the archive can be searched via MRC Harwell’s online portal MouseBook. In order to promote a collaborative environment, ownership is retained by the depositor and their affiliation will be presented along with other strain details on MouseBook and the EMMA website.