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We currently do not provide external services in histology, necropsy and interpretive pathology, but please complete the Pathology Resource Enquiry form for advice / training in these areas.


We subscribe to the UK Veterinary External Quality Assurance Scheme (VETQAS) as well as the Thermo Shandon Quality Assurance Scheme.

Techniques include:

  • Freezing of blocks in OCT
  • Cryostat sections
  • Fixing and processing of blocks into paraffin wax
  • Wax sectioning
  • Sections cut on a Vibratome
  • H&E staining of sections, plus a variety of special stains
  • Skeletal preparations
  • Custom immunohistochemistry protocols
  • Automated immunohistochemistry
  • Advice on tissue processing and sectioning techniques
  • Whole slide scanning (up to 40x) using a Hamamatsu NanoZoomer


Our experienced team can provide training on- or off-site for:

  • Full tissue dissection (necropsy) for primary phenotyping screens
  • Specific tissue dissections and techniques
  • Perfusion of animals/tissues
  • Collection of fixed and frozen tissues

Interpretive pathology

We have well established links to professional veterinary pathology services.