Mouse tissue and blood collections, sample processing and slide production for the diagnosis of disease

We currently do not provide external services in histology but please complete the Pathology Resource Enquiry form for advice / training in these areas.


We subscribe to the UK Veterinary External Quality Assurance Scheme (VETQAS) as well as the Thermo Shandon Quality Assurance Scheme.

Techniques include:

  • Freezing of blocks in OCT
  • Cryostat sections
  • Fixing and processing of blocks into paraffin wax
  • Wax sectioning
  • Sections cut on a Vibratome
  • H&E staining of sections, plus a variety of special stains
  • Skeletal preparations
  • Custom immunohistochemistry protocols
  • Automated immunohistochemistry
  • Advice on tissue processing and sectioning techniques
  • Whole slide scanning (up to 40x) using a Hamamatsu NanoZoomer


The Histology service can provide training in a variety histological techniques and procedures.

  1. Snap Freezing of Tissue. Preparation of specimens suitable for the subsequent production of frozen sections.
  2. Cryotomy. The production of sections from snap frozen tissue.
  3. Microtomy. The production of sections from paraffin processed and embedded tissue.
  4. Automated Immunohistochemistry. Use of the laboratory Immuno- Autostainer.
  5. Scanning
  6. Vibratome

If training is required please contact the Histology Laboratory to arrange a suitable time.