Georgia Price

I have always had a passion to try and understand how the brain works, in particular what happens when things go wrong. My undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield in Biomedical Science gave me a broad understanding of the human body in health and disease, with modules ranging from whole body anatomy, to physiology and neuroscience. I developed my research skills during my third year project at SITraN where I studied the role of C9orf72 on the mitochondria. C9orf72 mutations account for around 40-50% of genetic cases of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). I have now started my PhD in Dr Tom Cunningham’s group looking at the role of FUS in ALS using mouse models, and primary cells. FUS is an RNA binding protein known to be involved in ALS for over 10 years, however the mechanism of disease, and the role of FUS in neurodegeneration, is still unknown.