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ADVANCE training centre
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18 Oct 2021 - 22 Oct 2021


9:30 am - 4:00 pm


£1500 per person (VAT exempt)

Histopathology Training Week

This combined week-long training course will provide and incorporate introductory practical training in histology, microscopy and pathology-based procedures.

Day 1  – Basics of Histology – introduces a range of histological procedures, the reasoning behind the use of histology in research, and the importance of using various techniques in processing, sectioning and staining of mouse tissues.

Day 2 – Practical Microscopy – delves into the accurate use of microscopes which is important for any researcher; using a microscope correctly prevents eyestrain, saves time and avoids the presence of artefacts in the final image.

Day 3 – Recognising Tissues and Artefacts in Histological Sections – is aimed at those wishing to learn how to recognise and evaluate normal mouse tissue and to identify common artefacts in H&E stained histological sections.

Day 4 & 5 – Pathology in the Mouse – covers a theoretical and practical introduction to mouse pathology common in particular genetic backgrounds. This final section of the training week aims to demonstrate how spontaneous and induced pathology can be distinguished and how pathology data can be recorded.

This course is designed as a cohesive and comprehensive week-long training experience and trainees are expected to attend the full syllabus. If you are interested in participating in specific days of the course please contact us at to discuss your needs in more detail.

For: Technical Staff, Researchers, Students and Medical or Veterinary Pathology Trainees.

Hourly Schedule

Basics of Histology

Practical Microscopy

Recognising Tissues and Artefacts in Histological Sections

Pathology in the Mouse Part 1

Pathology in the Mouse Part 2

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