The MLC Graduate Development Programme

The MLC’s Graduate Development Programme was established to facilitate the dissemination of a range of technical skills and scientific knowledge throughout the UK. Graduates entering this programme will be offered structured training, a real job with real responsibilities from day one, and a direct route to professional accreditation. It will allow them to use their degree training in a dynamic, creative and collaborative culture, while gathering expertise and skills related to genetics research.

The combination of department-led specialist work experience and training, as well as professional development delivered by the core programme will provide a high- quality experience for graduates who will then be highly sought after by UK and international leading laboratories.

Message from the director

The support of scientific research through high-quality technical skills and training is paramount to robust, reproducible research. In genetics science we are faced with the challenge of unravelling and ultimately developing therapies for many human diseases. Central to all scientific progress is the delivery of high-quality, technical support. We are launching our Graduate Development Programme at the Mary Lyon Centre to contribute to the underpinning and advancement of genetic research and to continually grow the technical skills of the UK biomedical community.

Dr Sara Wells, Director of the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell