Clinical Pathology

We are able to perform a range of diagnostic tests on plasma, serum, urine, and whole blood. Our state-of-the-art analytical equipment is maintained to the highest standards and we follow stringent internal quality assurance protocols and participate in the UK National External Quality Assurance Scheme (NEQAS).

Panels of biomarkers for high-throughput screens and bespoke phenotyping

The Clinical Pathology Laboratory at the Mary Lyon Centre specialises in low volume, high throughput analysis of multi-species clinical chemistry and haematology. We offer a wide range of clinical chemistry tests suitable for plasma, serum, and urine, as well as species-specific full blood count and differential haematology analysis. Routinely tested species include, but are not restricted to, Mouse, Rat and NHP. Please enquire regarding testing other species.

Clinical Chemistry

  • We provide a range of comprehensive routine biochemistry profiles, as well as specialised metabolic tests. Our analyser is fitted with an ion-selectivity electrode module, which gives it the additional capability to measure electrolytes.


  • Our automated haematology analyser provides a CBC alongside a dual-method WBC differential. This can be performed on as little as 200µl of whole blood, so is available for non-terminal samples.

Flow Cytometry

  • Our 4-laser Beckman Coulter Cytoflex S can perform complex multi-parameter flow cytometry, such as cell immunophenotyping. We can also provide guidance on antibody panel design and flow cytometry data analysis.

Multiplex Assays

  • The laboratory can quantify up to 48 analytes in serum samples simultaneously using our Luminex multiplex system. We also offer traditional plate-based ELISAs for single analyte assays.

Please see our lists of available Clinical Chemistry and Haematology assays below:

Clinical chemistry assays

Haematology assays

If you require a test that is not listed, we may be able to perform it on a one-off basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

We provide guidelines for sample collection, processing, and shipment, so please contact us prior to collecting your samples to find out how we can support your research.