Mouse Strain Rederivation and Repatriation

We have a dedicated quarantine unit designed for rederiving specific pathogen free mice from stocks that are contaminated with infectious microorganisms. Or for researchers who are re-locating to the UK and wishing to import their mouse strains

Removal of unwanted pathogens and mouse strain import

Material can be imported as live mice, unfrozen epididymides, unfrozen embryos, or cryopreserved material. Our technical teams will use the germplasm to rederive each specific model using IVF and embryo transfer techniques, with most standard background strains being available directly from the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell.

We are highly experienced in handling the administrative processes (MTAs, licences, etc.) that need to be followed before stocks can be imported from countries around world.

Following rederivation, mice are held in dedicated isolators. These are maintained according to strict SOPs. Each isolator is screened following FELASA recommendations before genotype confirmed mice are released to the client.

We are able to perform these services on a line-by-line basis or as part of larger projects, such as the rederivation of mouse collections into new facilities.

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For more information about rederivation in germ-free conditions, please see our Germ-Free Mice Service page.

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