Breeding and Maintenance

We offer comprehensive breeding, genotyping, and animal care services and extensive experience in project management, design of breeding schemes, and UK Home Office licencing. We strive to generate the most appropriate experimental cohorts, allowing production of conclusive data whilst using the minimum number of animals.

Delivering projects effectively, whilst seeking refinements in animal care

Mouse research only proceeds when no other options are available and the predicted benefits of the knowledge gained can justify the cost to the individual animals involved.

For every colony of mice, there is a frequently reviewed individual breeding plan that aims to match the number of mice required for each specific experiment with the number produced by breeding. We constantly review our strategies to also deliver appropriate experimental controls, aiming for the most biologically relevant control whilst being mindful of the number of animals required to breed the different groups. This enables us to deliver high quality data with the minimum number of animals being bred.

Our services include housing mice colonies in individually ventilated cages, development of bespoke mouse care and breeding plans, genotyping and breeding of genetically altered and specialist stock, including complex, multi-allele genetic crosses.

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