Expression and Cre Activity Studies

We offer services to characterise the expression pattern of reporter transgenes or lacZ trapping cassettes in genetically altered mice. These can be done at various stages of embryonic development or in over 40 adult tissues.

Comprehensive characterisation for correct interpretation

The Cre/loxP system provides a valuable method for temporal and tissue-specific modification of the mouse genome. However, a comprehensive characterisation of Cre activity is essential for correct interpretation of experimental results.

We offer services in the characterisation of Cre driver activity, at both adult and embryonic stages, using lacZ as a reporter. Where relevant, we can also assess differential activity under temporal control with tamoxifen and other reporters can be used on demand.

We characterise expression of reporter transgenes through systematic observation and annotation of expression patterns in embryos or in over 40 adult tissues, thereby proving comprehensive coverage of the body. This service can be used to detect expression in certain areas of interest or as a screen to give an overview of where the reporter gene is expressed.

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