The Mary Lyon Centre produces and assists in key publications

MLC Mouse Research

Ground-breaking research at the MLC

With extensive technical expertise and experience in mouse model generation and phenotyping, the Mary Lyon Centre has made many important contributions to our understanding of human disease through mouse modelling.

Comprehensive services

The MLC supports all aspects of human disease modelling in mice, from genome engineering and breeding through to phenotyping and data generation.

Innovation and expertise

We are constantly striving to develop new methodologies that benefit our capacity to model human disease and generate high quality reproducible data.

Animal welfare

Animal health and welfare are essential for good scientific results and much effort is directed to the refinement of procedures and the reduction of suffering.

Published Research

Scientific Highlights

Our impactful research publications often appear in highly respected journals and represent an important contribution within the mouse genetics community.

Guidelines and Commentaries

We publish guidelines in areas of relevance to our community, such as mouse pathology, high-throughput phenotyping, and screening and validation of genome-edited animals, as well…

Consortium Papers

Publications detailing the collaborative efforts of the MLC with international consortia involved in the targeted construction and phenotyping of mutant mouse lines, as well as…

Methods Development

The MLC contributes to the development of new techniques and research methods in areas such as animal husbandry and welfare, phenotyping of mutant lines, and…

Research supported by MLC

The MLC supports the work of many research groups across a diverse range of disease areas, including hearing loss, type 2 diabetes, sex determination, neurodegeneration…

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