Guidelines and Commentaries

We publish guidelines in areas of relevance to our community, such as mouse pathology, high-throughput phenotyping, and screening and validation of genome-edited animals, as well as commentaries on the latest issues of interest.

Recommendations for measuring and standardizing light for laboratory mammals to improve welfare and reproducibility in animal research

Lucas, R. J., Allen, A. E., Brainard, G. C., Brown, T. M., Dauchy, R. T., Didikoglu, A., Do, M. T. H., Gaskill, B. N., Hattar, S., Hawkins, P., Hut, R. A., McDowell, R. J., Nelson, R. J., Prins, J. B., Schmidt, T. M., Takahashi, J. S., Verma, V., Voikar, V., Wells, S., Peirson, S. N.

(2024) , PLoS Biol , 22 , e3002535



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Model matchmaking via the Solve-RD Rare Disease Models & Mechanisms Network (RDMM-Europe)

Ellwanger, K., Brill, J. A., de Boer, E., Efthymiou, S., Elgersma, Y., Icmat, M., Lecoquierre, F., Lobato, A. G., Morleo, M., Ori, M., Schaffer, A. E., Vitobello, A., Wells, S., Yalcin, B., Zhai, R. G., Sturm, M., Zurek, B., Graessner, H., Bermejo-Sánchez, E., Evangelista, T., Hoogerbrugge, N., Nigro, V., Schüle, R., Verloes, A., Brunner, H., Campeau, P. M., Lasko, P., Riess, O.

(2024) , Lab Anim , 53 , 161-165



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Improving laboratory animal genetic reporting: LAG-R guidelines

Teboul, L., Amos-Landgraf, J., Benavides, F. J., Birling, M. C., Brown, S. D. M., Bryda, E., Bunton-Stasyshyn, R., Chin, H. J., Crispo, M., Delerue, F., Dobbie, M., Franklin, C. L., Fuchtbauer, E. M., Gao, X., Golzio, C., Haffner, R., Hérault, Y., Hrabe de Angelis, M., Lloyd, K. C. K., Magnuson, T. R., Montoliu, L., Murray, S. A., Nam, K. H., Nutter, L. M. J., Pailhoux, E., Pardo Manuel de Villena, F., Peterson, K., Reinholdt, L., Sedlacek, R., Seong, J. K., Shiroishi, T., Smith, C., Takeo, T., Tinsley, L., Vilotte, J. L., Warming, S., Wells, S., Whitelaw, C. B., Yoshiki, A., Asian Mouse Mutagenesis Resource Assocation, CELPHEDIA infrastructure, INFRAFRONTIER consortium, International Mammalian Genome Society, International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium, International Society for Transgenic Technologies, Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Centers, Phenomics Australia, RRRC- Rat Resource and Research Center, Pavlovic, G.

(2024) , Nat Commun , 15 , 5574



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How much do we know about the function of mammalian genes?

Teboul, L., Hérault, Y., Wells, S., Pavlovic, G.

(2023) , BMC Biol , 21 , 301



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Life science and healthcare

Fray, M., Clarke, D., Martin-Fernandez, M., Cuff, L., Piotrowska, A., Amos, R., Thomas, R.

(2022) , Book: Cryogenics - Chapter 8 , , 1-35

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