Methods Development

The MLC contributes to the development of new techniques and research methods in areas such as animal husbandry and welfare, phenotyping of mutant lines, and mouse pathology. We are also at the forefront of improvements to technologies such as CRISPR and the latest imaging techniques.

Sectioning and Counting of Motor Neurons in the L3 to L6 Region of the Adult Mouse Spinal Cord

Austin, A., Beresford, L., Price, G., Cunningham, T., Kalmar, B., Yon, M.

(2022) , Curr Protoc , 2 , e428



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A guide to post-mortem examination procedure in mouse models

Rodrigues, A., Beresford, L., Scudamore, C. L., Yon, M.

(2022) , Lab Anim , , 236772221080827



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Universal Southern blot protocol with cold or radioactive probes for the validation of alleles obtained by homologous recombination

Codner, G. F., Erbs, V., Loeffler, J., Chessum, L., Caulder, A., Jullien, N., Wells, S., Birling, M. C., and Teboul, L

(2020) , Methods , 191 , 59-67



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The occurrence of tarsal injuries in male mice of C57BL/6N substrains in multiple international mouse facilities

Herbert, E., Stewart, M., Hutchison, M., Flenniken, A. M., Qu, D., Nutter, L. M. J., McKerlie, C., Hobson, L., Kick, B., Lyons, B., Wieg, J. P., Doty, R., Aguilar-Pimentel, J. A., Hrabe de Angelis, M., Dickinson, M., Seavitt, J., White, J. K., Scudamore, C. L., Wells, S.

(2020) , PLoS One , 15 , e0230162



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Targeted Mutations in the Mouse via Embryonic Stem Cells

Gertsenstein, M., Mianne, J., Teboul, L., Nutter, L. M. J.

(2020) , Methods Mol Biol , 2066 , 59-82


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