Methods Development

The MLC contributes to the development of new techniques and research methods in areas such as animal husbandry and welfare, phenotyping of mutant lines, and mouse pathology. We are also at the forefront of improvements to technologies such as CRISPR and the latest imaging techniques.

Long-read sequencing for fast and robust identification of correct genome-edited alleles: PCR-based and Cas9 capture methods

McCabe, C. V., Price, P. D., Codner, G. F., Allan, A. J., Caulder, A., Christou, S., Loeffler, J., Mackenzie, M., Malzer, E., Mianné, J., Nowicki, K. J., O'Neill, E. J., Pike, F. J., Hutchison, M., Petit-Demoulière, B., Stewart, M. E., Gates, H., Wells, S., Sanderson, N. D., Teboul, L.

(2024) , PLoS Genet , 20 , e1011187



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Multi-Photon Microscopy

Sanderson, J.,

(2023) , Curr Protoc , 3 , e634



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Longitudinal home-cage automated assessment of climbing behavior shows sexual dimorphism and aging-related decrease in C57BL/6J healthy mice and allows early detection of motor impairment in the N171-82Q mouse model of Huntington’s disease

Bains, R. S., Forrest, H., Sillito, R. R., Armstrong, J. D., Stewart, M., Nolan, P. M., Wells, S. E.

(2023) , Front Behav Neurosci , 17 , 1148172



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Genotyping Genome-Edited Founders and Subsequent Generation

Mackenzie, M., Fower, A., Allan, A. J., Codner, G. F., Bunton-Stasyshyn, R. K., Teboul, L.

(2023) , Methods Mol Biol , 2631 , 103-134



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Excess of guide RNA reduces knockin efficiency and drastically increases on-target large deletions

Chenouard, V., Leray, I., Tesson, L., Remy, S., Allan, A., Archer, D., Caulder, A., Fortun, A., Bernardeau, K., Cherifi, Y., Teboul, L., David, L., Anegon, I.

(2023) , iScience , 26 , 106399



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