The MLC is proud to be a part of a number of global efforts in the field of mouse research

MLC Mouse Projects

MLC Programmes

The Mary Lyon Centre provides a free archiving service making mouse strains available to the community through the National Mouse Archive and invites applications to have novel genetically altered mouse models generated for free through the GEMM (Genome Editing Mice for Medicine) call.


The National Mouse Archive

National Partnerships

The Mary Lyon Centre functions as the central hub of the MRC National Mouse Genetics Network, providing the research clusters with access to resources, tools and services, as well as coordinating many cross-cluster interactions.

Nation Mouse Genetics Network

MRC National Mouse Genetics Network

International Partnerships

The Mary Lyon Centre has made important contributions to large-scale projects in mouse research, including the COST Action TEATIME, the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) and Infrafrontier.

International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium



Bespoke Mouse Services

Have an unusually complex requirement? Want multiple services conducted under one roof? At the MLC we strive to make research life easier. If you have any requests that are not mentioned on our site, please contact us so we can accommodate you the best we can

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