Germ-Free Mice

Our axenic facility has been established to provide a wide-ranging breeding and experimental capability, that is accessible to the scientific community.

Supporting microbiome research

Alongside the dedicated quarantine suite for receiving imported mouse strains, the Mary Lyon Centre has an SPF barrier facility, which also houses the germ-free facility. This axenic facility can provide a range of services to support the scientific community.

These services include axenisation of mouse strains starting from live animals, frozen embryos or sperm and the exportation of germ-free mice within purpose-made shippers. The facility can also supply researchers with organs, tissues, and biofluids harvested from germ-free mice. There is also some capacity to provide extended breeding services under germ-free conditions, enabling the user to set up experiments on site and take advantage of other services such as, histology, flow cytometry, and microscopy.

All axenic colonies are maintained in rigid wall isolators fitted with the Double Door Rapid Transfer Port (DPTE®) system developed by La Calhene. These DTPE ports maintain a bio-secure, and user-friendly connecting system for introducing and removing equipment and other materials to and from sterile isolators.

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For more information about rederivation and repatriation, please see our Mouse Strain Rederivation and Repatriation Service page.

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