Sensory Diseases

MRC Harwell researchers have developed a sophisticated platform able to measure even very subtle defects in mouse hearing and also have the equipment and expertise to investigate mouse models of diseases that cause loss of sight, allowing us to support your work to understand human disease.

Thorough characterisation of hearing and vision

Our hearing test platform has been used to investigate mouse models of hearing loss arising from a number of different causes, including inflammation of the middle ear and genetic or degenerative defects in the inner ear. We also have a range of equipment that enables us to examine the eye in detail as well as to assess functional vision in behavioural tests, which has allowed us to contribute to research on retinal degeneration and connections between vision and circadian rhythms.

For more information, please visit the Sensory Phenotyping section of the In Vivo Phenotyping page.

If you are looking to generate a new genetic mouse model of a disease that affects vision or hearing, we can support you with this process, whether your project requires simple deletions or point mutations or generation of more complex alleles.

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