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Analysis of a mouse model of Down syndrome that shows many disease-associated effects

Comprehensive phenotypic analysis of a mouse model that replicates the majority of the gene dosage increase in Down syndrome Down syndrome is a complex condition affecting many tissues throughout the body and is the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart defects. However, there are no effective treatments for most of […]

An auspicious start: Unravelling FTO’s action on metabolism and physiology

An important paper entitled “Linking the FTO obesity rs1421085 variant circuitry to cellular, metabolic, and organismal phenotypes in vivo” by Laber and Forcisi et al. was published in Science Advances on 21st July. The paper included work carried out as part of Samantha Laber’s D.Phil. in the Cox group in collaboration with the MLC genome […]

The Sanger Sample Archive Comes to the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell

The Mary Lyon Centre (MLC) at MRC Harwell has been chosen to house the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute’s Bio-Archive as part of the process that will lead to the closure of the Institute’s animal research facilities in September 2021. This extensive sample archive contains paraffin embedded tissues from the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) and […]

Arrival of the Advance Training Centre Sculpture

Last week saw the arrival of the sculpture, created by Jenny Pickford for the Advance training centre. The sculpture captures the history and research of MRC Harwell perfectly and creates a vibrant welcome for all training delegates. Jenny, a blacksmith with a background in fine art, creates sculptures that are displayed across the globe, including […]