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Arrival of the Advance Training Centre Sculpture

Last week saw the arrival of the sculpture, created by Jenny Pickford for the Advance training centre. The sculpture captures the history and research of MRC Harwell perfectly and creates a vibrant welcome for all training delegates. Jenny, a blacksmith with a background in fine art, creates sculptures that are displayed across the globe, including […]

Could your smartphone hold clues to early Alzheimer’s disease?

MRC Harwell is part of a global initiative to revolutionise the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. First data collected in global Alzheimer’s wearable project The development of a wearable to detect early Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases years before symptoms show has taken a step closer to reality today, as UK charity Alzheimer’s […]

National Mouse Genetics Network: Expression of Interest Call

The MRC is investing more than £20m in a major new network in mouse genetics for disease modelling to accelerate our understanding of human disease and improve diagnosis and treatments. The National Mouse Genetics Network will bring together a package of distinctive research clusters across the UK and long-term partnership with the Mary Lyon Centre (MLC). Research […]

MRC Harwell & NC3Rs Joint Webinar

MRC Harwell and the NC3Rs will be co-hosting a webinar on efficient management of genetically altered mouse colonies  Good management of genetically altered (GA) mouse colonies ensures the optimal use of available animals and minimises surplus animals, whilst producing reproducible and well-controlled research models.  On Monday 1 March, the NC3Rs and the Mary Lyon Centre (MRC Harwell) will be hosting a joint webinar that will explore how to address common challenges in the […]