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Researchers investigate the role of enhancers in gene function and disease

Researchers at MRC Harwell and the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics have characterised super-enhancers (SEs) and typical-enhancers (TEs) in the mouse genome to further aid our understanding of their possible role in disease. Published in BMC Genomics, the authors primarily identified both enhancer types contribute to tissue-specific gene expression but have no difference in phenotype effect […]

Dr Lydia Teboul, winner of the 2020 ISTT 3Rs Prize

Dr Lydia Teboul has been awarded the 2020 International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) 3Rs Prize. This prize recognises Lydia’s work in developing a technique that implements the reduction principle of the 3Rs, to reduce the number of animals used in research. Gene editing has vastly improved in recent years, accelerating genetic research. Specifically, CRISPR-Cas9 […]

MRC Centre for Macaques Biobank

The Medical Research Council’s Centre for Macaques (CFM) has established a new public biobank for primate tissue. This new online resource is the first public, non-human primate biobank in the UK offering access to tissue for use in clinical and fundamental research. The biobank is an important resource where valuable tissues are openly shared to […]

Researchers report on the benefits of automated phenotyping systems to study mouse behaviour

In new research, published in Current Protocols in Mouse Biology, researchers at MRC Harwell have analysed the benefits of automated phenotyping systems and have developed two novel protocols to study mouse behaviour. The use of genetically altered mouse models in biomedical research is extensive due to the similarities to humans both genetically and physiologically. These […]