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MRC Centre for Macaques Biobank

The Medical Research Council’s Centre for Macaques (CFM) has established a new public biobank for primate tissue. This new online resource is the first public, non-human primate biobank in the UK offering access to tissue for use in clinical and fundamental research. The biobank is an important resource where valuable tissues are openly shared to […]

Researchers report on the benefits of automated phenotyping systems to study mouse behaviour

In new research, published in Current Protocols in Mouse Biology, researchers at MRC Harwell have analysed the benefits of automated phenotyping systems and have developed two novel protocols to study mouse behaviour. The use of genetically altered mouse models in biomedical research is extensive due to the similarities to humans both genetically and physiologically. These […]

Dr Andy Greenfield appointed member of the Regulatory Horizons Council

Dr Andy Greenfield, Programme Leader at MRC Harwell, has been appointed as member of the new Regulatory Horizons Council (RHC), an independent expert committee established by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Five members have been asked to join the Council to provide impartial expert advice to Government on the implications of technological […]

Scientists uncover the role of neuronal networks in moving between wake and sleep states

In new research published in Science Advances, scientists at MRC Harwell working with colleagues at the University of Oxford and University College London, have shown that changes in the way that neurons communicate with each other in the brain affect our ability to move between sleep and wake states. These findings bring us closer to […]