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GEMM Call Open!

The 8th Genome Editing Mice for Medicine Call is now open! This is a call for applicants who would like to nominate ideas for genetically altered mouse lines for their scientific or clinical research to apply to the MRC-funded Genome Editing Mice for Medicine (GEMM) programme. Successful applicants demonstrating the importance of their desired model […]

New mechanism linking autism and protein recycling discovered

Researchers from the Molecular Neurobiology Group at MRC Harwell are studying a family of genes that are known to cause a range of neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism and childhood-onset epilepsy. Their recent work has focussed on protein processing and recycling mechanisms in neuronal cells, where a structure called the lysosome plays an essential part. Importantly, defects […]

Rodent Little Brother Project Presented Understanding Animal Research Openness Award!

Our citizen science project, Rodent Little Brother, which has been developed to help scientists identify early disease characteristics through the study of mouse behaviour in the home-cage environment, has won an Understanding Animal Research Openness Award! Rodent Little Brother engages the public in analysing mouse behaviour and activity through watching video clips of laboratory mice […]

Researchers investigate the role of enhancers in gene function and disease

Researchers at MRC Harwell and the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics have characterised super-enhancers (SEs) and typical-enhancers (TEs) in the mouse genome to further aid our understanding of their possible role in disease. Published in BMC Genomics, the authors primarily identified both enhancer types contribute to tissue-specific gene expression but have no difference in phenotype effect […]