As a family, we stick together for a long time

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Last month the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell family gathered once again.

This time it was to celebrate some of our colleagues who have been working with us for a long time and have reached extraordinary milestones.

In an era in which the ‘job for life’ is not an aspiration anymore, remaining loyal to your employer is very much a choice, and the fact that so many of our colleagues remain with us for many years is testament to a workplace that strives to make everyone feel valued.

It was a fun occasion at which the recipients of our ‘Long Service Awards’ were recognised and given the chance to share some memories of their time at MRC Harwell, as well as being embarrassed by some photos taken over their many years of service!

Here’s a list of the award recipients. Well done all!

Dave, 35 years

Debbie, 25 years

Jackie, 25 years

Clare, 20 years

Lydia, 20 years

Liz, 20 years

Tim, 20 years

Steve, 20 years

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As a family, we stick together for a long time

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