Remembering Tony Searle

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We are very sad to inform you that Tony Searle has passed away at the age of 97.

During his career he made numerous seminal contributions to mouse genetics, and the legacy of his work continues to endure. He was a key member of the group of leading scientists, including Mary and Bruce, who set the world of mouse genetics alight with their insightful and ground breaking work and led to Harwell’s leadership in the field. Tony had retired by the time I came to Harwell, and I used to see him occasionally when he popped in. However, before my time at Harwell, I met him numerous times at genetics meetings and conferences, where he was always supportive and very interested in our work. I always remember how gentle and affable he was – indeed he was a gentleman and an outstanding scientist. There will be a memorial service in the summer, when we will be able to remember and reflect on his many contributions to our lives. Professor Steve Brown Director MRC Harwell

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