MRC Harwell

Advancing medicine and knowledge through the discovery and investigation of mouse models of human disease.

Please read a view on Mice changing medicine by Professor Steve Brown

Mammalian Genetics Unit

The Mammalian Genetics Unit is a major international research centre at the forefront of studies in mouse genetics and functional genomics, investigating a wide variety of disease models and enhancing our understanding of the molecular and genetic bases of disease.

Mary Lyon Centre

The Mary Lyon Centre is a national facility for mouse functional genomics, providing world-class expertise, tools and space to generate mouse models of human disease for MRC Harwell and the wider research community.

Mouse Welfare







The MRC values the diverse skills and experience of its employees and is committed to achieving equality of treatment for all. The MRC is committed to the engagement and retention of the best possible talent and to creating an environment that encourages equality, diversity and ultimately excellence in scientific research


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