Consortium Papers

Publications detailing the collaborative efforts of the MLC with international consortia involved in the targeted construction and phenotyping of mutant mouse lines, as well as the archiving and distribution of mouse disease models and disease gene discovery. These include the IMPC, EUMODIC and INFRAFRONTIER.

Applying the ARRIVE Guidelines to an In Vivo Database

Karp, N. A., Meehan, T. F., Morgan, H., Mason, J. C., Blake, A., Kurbatova, N., Smedley, D., Jacobsen, J., Mott, R. F., Iyer, V., Matthews, P., Melvin, D. G., Wells, S., Flenniken, A. M., Masuya, H., Wakana, S., White, J. K., Lloyd, K. C., Reynolds, C. L., Paylor, R., West, D. B., Svenson, K. L., Chesler, E. J., de Angelis, M. H., Tocchini-Valentini, G. P., Sorg, T., Herault, Y., Parkinson, H., Mallon, A. M., Brown, S. D.

(2015) , PLoS Biol , 13 , e1002151


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Analysis of mammalian gene function through broad-based phenotypic screens across a consortium of mouse clinics

(2015) , , 47 , 969-978


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