Research supported by MLC

The MLC supports the work of many research groups across a diverse range of disease areas, including hearing loss, type 2 diabetes, sex determination, neurodegeneration and circadian function, to name a few. Such support can include detailed phenotyping in addition to generation and husbandry of mutant mouse lines.

Transcription driven somatic DNA methylation within the imprinted Gnas cluster

Mehta, S., Williamson, C. M., Ball, S., Tibbit, C., Beechey, C., Fray, M., Peters, J.

(2015) , PLoS One , 10 , e0117378



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The role of intestinal microbiota in murine models of acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity

Possamai, L. A., McPhail, M. J., Khamri, W., Wu, B., Concas, D., Harrison, M., Williams, R., Cox, R. D., Cox, I. J., Anstee, Q. M., Thursz, M. R.

(2015) , Liver Int , 35 , 764-73



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The Regulatory Factor ZFHX3 Modifies Circadian Function in SCN via an AT Motif-Driven Axis

Parsons, M. J., Brancaccio, M., Sethi, S., Maywood, E. S., Satija, R., Edwards, J. K., Jagannath, A., Couch, Y., Finelli, M. J., Smyllie, N. J., Esapa, C., Butler, R., Barnard, A. R., Chesham, J. E., Saito, S., Joynson, G., Wells, S., Foster, R. G., Oliver, P. L., Simon, M. M., Mallon, A. M., Hastings, M. H., Nolan, P. M.

(2015) , Cell , 162 , 607-21



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Pharmacological Inhibition of FTO

McMurray, F., Demetriades, M., Aik, W., Merkestein, M., Kramer, H., Andrew, D. S., Scudamore, C. L., Hough, T. A., Wells, S., Ashcroft, F. M., McDonough, M. A., Schofield, C. J., Cox, R. D.

(2015) , PLoS One , 10 , e0121829



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Nicotinic Acid Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate (NAADP) and Endolysosomal Two-pore Channels Modulate Membrane Excitability and Stimulus-Secretion Coupling in Mouse Pancreatic beta Cells

Arredouani, A., Ruas, M., Collins, S. C., Parkesh, R., Clough, F., Pillinger, T., Coltart, G., Rietdorf, K., Royle, A., Johnson, P., Braun, M., Zhang, Q., Sones, W., Shimomura, K., Morgan, A. J., Lewis, A. M., Chuang, K. T., Tunn, R., Gadea, J., Teboul, L., Heister, P. M., Tynan, P. W., Bellomo, E. A., Rutter, G. A., Rorsman, P., Churchill, G. C., Parrington, J., Galione, A.

(2015) , J Biol Chem , 290 , 21376-92



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