Ann-Marie Mallon


My group develops computational methods to explore the large volumes of data generated by our projects and disseminate the results to the wider scientific community.

For our data to be informative, it is essential that it is effectively assessed and managed before being made publicly available. We have three main groups that coordinate this, who focus on analysing our mouse phenotyping data, applications of computational biology and systems imaging. Together, they work to ensure that all data made available is of high quality and presented in a form that can be used by our own research programmes and external groups for further research. Our two main large-scale projects, the Harwell Ageing Screen and IMPC, produce extremely large mouse phenotyping datasets that need to be integrated, analysed and compared.

The MRC Harwell Institute is the IMPC Data Coordination Centre and is therefore responsible for coordinating the acquisition, analysis and visualisation of data from all collaborators in the IMPC. All data is collected, annotated, validated and quality controlled before it undergoes rigorous statistical analysis. We continue to manage this process through the Mouse Phenotyping Informatics Infrastructure (MPI2) consortium, which consists of the MRC Harwell Institute, the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI).