Lizzy Fisher

Mouse Models of Neurodegeneration

Career so far

Undergraduate at Oxford, PhD at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School which then became part of Imperial College, postdoc at the Whitehead Institute, MIT, in USA.

What led you to choose a career in this field?

Became hooked on genetics from the very first time I came across it in depth, in a final year essay.  Although it took me a couple of years after leaving University to go on to a PhD.

What drives you? Has this changed over the years? 

Desire to find out more and to help the terrible diseases we work on, such as motor neuron disease.  Little has changed over the years, although I’m increasingly fed up with paperwork…

What has been your biggest breakthrough in research in the last 10 years? 

New findings in Alzheimer’s disease through researching with mouse models of Down syndrome, and a new model of motor neuron disease, both coming out of my lab.

What is your ultimate goal as a researcher? 

To make a significant contribution to our understanding of neurodegeneration.

Tell us something interesting about yourself 

I have recently become a Grade 5 recorder player.  It took a long time…