Lydia Teboul

MLC Scientific Management

Dr Lydia Teboul is the Head of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell. Her responsibilities include managing services for genome engineering, expression analysis and embryo phenotyping, as well as providing an advisory role to other teams requiring expertise in molecular biology.

Inspired to become a biologist from an early age by Commandant Cousteau, Lydia went on to complete a Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Magister in Pharmacology before embarking on a PhD in Biological Science at the University of Nice. Following this, Lydia carried out postdoctoral research at both the National Institute for Medical Research and Institute of Cancer Research.

Lydia feels privileged to have carved out a career in the field of molecular biology, which has been in perpetual revolution since the beginning of her career and continues to feed her curiosity.

Lydia’s group has consistently implemented current and new laboratory protocols on a large scale to offer molecular services to the research community. In particular, she is driven by the advances in the area of functional genomics, such as new methods to modify the genome, capturing the complexity of large numbers of individual genomes and the acquisition and mining of large phenotyping datasets (from the cellular to the population level).