Martin Fray

MLC Scientific Management

Dr Martin Fray is the Head of Biological Resources and Deputy Director of the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell. Martin’s principle role is to lead the Biological Resources Group which is responsible for the cryopreservation, recovery and dissemination of unique mouse strains around the world.

He completed a BSc and PhD at University of Nottingham, followed by period working as a Post Doc at the University of Reading and as a research scientist at the Institute for Animal Health. Martin’s university training was focused on applied biology which leant towards reproductive biology. As a natural extension to this, he developed a career in reproductive biology.

Martin is motivated by the pressing need for a better understanding of gene function and the causes of genetic disease. The work that Martin’s group undertakes supports this global effort, especially in the area of procedural refinement where advances and development of their techniques have led to a significantly reduced number of mice being used in IVFs, and a reduction in the need to ship live mice when passing mouse strains between institutions.

His ultimate aim is to provide an efficient and comprehensive service to the wider community that allows investigators to focus their resources on producing high quality science.