Dr. Ramón Casero Cañas

Biography & Research interests

Ramón studied Telecommunication Engineering at Universidad Carlos III, Madrid. His master thesis studied genetic algorithms to solve the Steiner tree problem.
He then read for a DPhil in Engineering Science at the Wolfson Medical Vision Laboratory, Oxford. His thesis focused on cardiac imaging and modelling, analysing 2D+t dobutamine stress echocardiography to quantify ventricular contractility.

Later, he did post-doctoral research at the Computational Biology group and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Oxford, and Harefield Cardiac Centre, Imperial College London. He used MRI to segment trabeculae anatomy, and histology to reconstruct full 3D heart images.

Currently, Ramón is working at the Bioinformatics group in MRC Harwell, developing deep learning methods to study cell populations in white adipose tissue.

Current Projects

  1. Cytometer, a deep learning pipeline to segment and measure white adipocytes.

Selected Publications

Casero, R., Siedlecka, U., Jones, E.S., Gruscheski, L., Gibb, M., Schneider, J.E., Kohl, P., Grau, V., 2017. Transformation diffusion reconstruction of three-dimensional histology volumes from two-dimensional image stacks. Med Image Anal 38, 184–204. Link

Casero, R., Siedlecka, U., Jones, E., Gruscheski, L., Johnston, C., Grau, V., Kohl, P., 2016. Block-face imaging of wax-embedded tissue as a necessary step in the three-dimensional reconstruction of the heart structure, in: 82th Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society – Cardiac and Circulation Research, March 30. – April 2. – 2016, Mannheim. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Mannheim, Germany, p. P1685. Link

Burton, R.A.B., Lee, P., Casero, R., Garny, A., Siedlecka, U., Schneider, J.E., Kohl, P., Grau, V., 2014. Three-dimensional histology: tools and application to quantitative assessment of cell-type distribution in rabbit heart. Europace 16, iv86–iv95. Link

Lamata, P., Casero, R., Carapella, V., Niederer, S.A., Bishop, M.J., Schneider, J.E., Kohl, P., Grau, V., 2014. Images as drivers of progress in cardiac computational modelling. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. Link

Casero, R., Burton, R.A.B., Quinn, T.A., Bollensdorff, C., Hales, P., Schneider, J.E., Kohl, P., Grau, V., 2010. Towards High-Resolution Cardiac Atlases: Ventricular Anatomy Descriptors for a Standardized Reference Frame, in: Camara, O., Pop, M., Rhode, K., Sermesant, M., Smith, N., Young, A. (Eds.), Statistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 75–84.

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Casero, R., Noble, J.A., 2008. A novel explicit 2D+t cyclic shape model applied to echocardiography. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv 11, 527–534.