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Lines generated by the GEMM programme

Staff career profiles

Lines generated by the GEMM programme

Case studies highlighting a small subset of the more than 100 lines so far generated by the Genome Editing Mice for Medicine (GEMM) programme



Glycine decarboxylase (GLDC)



Staff career profiles

Interviews with current and former members of staff about the career pathways they have taken and insights they can offer to new and future colleagues

Alex Fower

Alex Fower – Research Assistant

Bradley Allen

Bradley Allen – Laboratory Technician

Rosie Bunton-Stasyshyn – Postdoctoral Research Specialist';

Rosie Bunton-Stasyshyn – Postdoctoral Research Specialist

Lee Moir

Lee Moir – Metabolic Phenotyping Manager

Marie Hutchison – Compliance, training and competency

Jackie Harrison – Biological Service Unit Manager

Matt Mackenzie – Research Support Manager';

Matt Mackenzie – Research Support Manager

Rhys Hancocks

Rhys Hancocks – Phenotyping Research Technician

Rachel Summerfield

Rachel Summerfield – Client Interface Manager

Amna Khan

Amna Khan – Laboratory Technician

Jerome Sherdrack

Jerome Sherdrack – IT Support Technician

Mark Gardiner

Mark Gardiner – Chief Operating Officer

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